Dystopia in the Making

If anyone ever wanted proof that supposedly intelligent people can come up with the most idiotic notions imaginable, you need look no further than this piece of radical idiocy. Yes. You read that right. There are apparently intelligent people who know enough about the surface of biology to make a quasi-plausible argument and genuinely believe... Continue Reading →

And the idiotic “suggestions” continue

The other day, Cedar pointed me to a post over at The Passive Voice with a warning that my head would explode when I read the headline and then the associated article.  She was right, of course. She knows me well enough to realize that anytime someone suggests an industry needs "socialism" to save it... Continue Reading →

Promotion Sunday

Sarah is off on a well deserved getaway with her hubby this weekend, leaving the boys and the cats alone in the house. Yes, she knows she is taking a risk and that when they get home, she and Dan will discover the cats have taken over and the boys are now their servants. Oh,... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Weeds

Amanda sent me this link earlier in the week.  You should write about this, she said. I looked at the article, and thought a couple of things. One, I am not sure this is the whole story, and two, I’ve done that job... As I mulled it over in my head, I realized there are... Continue Reading →

That is how the free man do

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. -Maximilien Robespierre I hate being free. Nobody to blame but myself for my failures. It's not Mrs. Dave's fault when I'm a pissy bastard, nor Wee Dave's. It's not even the Placeholder in Chief's (though I could... Continue Reading →

Neverending Story

And – alas – no, not the gem of a movie or the gem of a book it was based on. No, this neverending bloody soap opera is the ongoing saga of Amazon vs Hachette, complete with New! Exciting! Dubious! Claims (yeah, yeah, so what else is new). Exhibit 1, on the side of the... Continue Reading →

Decisions decisions

A couple of things came to my attention yesterday that involve the publishing industry. No, I'm not talking about the rantings and foaming at the mouth by a couple of folks who really want to be relevant but only come across as desperate and bitter. The first item to catch my attention was a blog... Continue Reading →

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