The Shaper and the Shaped

I was lying in bed after the what passed for the Island's biggest party in a hundred years, sleep evading me, thought passing each other like ships in the night with flashed lantern-signal passed between them. Yes, my mind is very like a dark ocean, with very few thought-ships in it. Our Scottish Country Dancing... Continue Reading →

The gang’s not all here

Just a quick note and a promise for the posting schedule to return to normal tomorrow. Sarah, Cedar and I think about half the known science fiction world -- not really, but it sounds cool -- are at LibertyCon this weekend. Hence the lack of posts. Things will get back to normal in the morning,... Continue Reading →

Amazon is not my publisher

I apologize for the lateness of this post. Mea culpa. I woke up this morning looking forward to the Barfly range trip, only to realize that I don't get that opportunity this year. Let me 'splain. You see, Mrs. Dave, Wee Dave (the aforementioned Working Title has received a timely and well-deserved promotion, all names... Continue Reading →


I first came across TANSTAAFL years ago after finding copies of Worlds of If buried in one of my grandmother's closets. This closet was devoted to storing books, magazines, records and a myriad of other things my uncles and father had left at the house over the years. To the best of my knowledge, these... Continue Reading →

Self-Publishers are Reactionary Forces of Darkness!

A gift that keeps giving –that’s been Stardogs on Amazon Kindle so far. I've finally succeeded in wrestling Smashwords into submission (it's just a flesh-wound) so the book is now available on Smashwords, B&N, Apple, Kobo, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all. And from the point of view of ‘how-gullible-and-stupid-do-they-really-think-anyone-is’ Doublespeak –as material for blogging about…... Continue Reading →

The Arcane Truth About Publishing

Yes, I know I owe you a chapter, but you have no idea how crazy things have been out here.  We're now dealing with the aftermath of the hail storm, which requires appointments and estimates and such.  Yep, it turns out we had damage, but insurance SHOULD cover it all.  Hopefully.  Almost for sure.  Of... Continue Reading →

How to Read

I keep running across things I think are obvious, but then they have to be explained, so this is a post about how to read. Specifically, and because I assume that all of you are already cognizant of words and language, how to read an ebook. Options to read an ebook of any format include... Continue Reading →

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