Mangling Myths

Or, how to be original when everything has been done already. I was worrying out loud to Amanda and Sarah about being original, and they both teased me about it. We talked about how you can take material, and make it your own, and sometimes even better than the original. Sarah pointed out that Patricia... Continue Reading →

Diversity in Science Fiction

I asked fellow author James Young to give me a guest post on diversity, rather unfairly, as he is a new writer, and this is a sticky topic. But he was game enough to rise to the challenge and send his thoughts along. Thanks, James, and I know, there is no good way to tackle... Continue Reading →

Divided by a Common Language

It's an interesting thing, culture. I get an unusual perspective, being an Australian more or less permanently living in the USA (naturalization is on the list of things to do, but it won't make me less of an Australian. Just more of an American. I'm both, sort of). Last Monday was Memorial Day, the day... Continue Reading →


Someone in the comments here warned us not to think we’ve “arrived” just because we have put a book up on Amazon. He didn’t enlighten us on whether we should think we’ve “arrived” because we’re published by a traditional publisher, so it’s my sad duty to inform you that no, it doesn’t mean you’ve “arrived”... Continue Reading →

More than one game in town.

Good morning, all. I hope everyone here in the States had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. It has always been an important weekend in my family. There hasn't been a generation, going back more than 250 years, when there hasn't been at least one member in the military. On my mother's side of... Continue Reading →

It’s not a game

It isn’t a game. I do not write for fun. I write to sell books. Now if I was writing to test my skill, to show off to my peers, to prove a point… I might choose to ‘play ‘on the highest difficulty level. That’d be a challenge. But as I write to sell, I... Continue Reading →

A Quick Post On Pricing

Yes, I know, chapter, but this weekend family and overdue stuff are killing me.  Also, I STILL haven't gone back and got the thing retconned, so it's hard to go forward. Meanwhile... On the threads of Cedar's post yesterday, the question of pricing has reared its head.  We'll leave aside the very funny idea that... Continue Reading →

Amazon is a Business

Forgive me if I seem a bit impatient. The stupid has been strong this week, and although normally I’m the quiet, nice one, I’m a bit exasperated by now. (but less so, now. Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the instalanche. Welcome to any new readers! I'm not Sarah, but sometimes we seem to share... Continue Reading →

Mea Culpa

First of all, I apologize. Today's post is going to be late. I have no excuses, but I do have a couple of reasons. This week, you see, has been personally momentous in a way heretofore yet unexperienced in my life. Working Title Pascoe is breathing air. The young master seems inordinately healthy, actually. Mellow,... Continue Reading →

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