The Writing Desert

This is what I feel like right now. My well of words has dried up, and I'm traveling through a writing desert in search of something that will let me tap back into that spring. Thing is, some of this is self-inflicted stoppage and I'm not going to give up work (more on that in... Continue Reading →

bonsai and the Writer’s Muse

You would think, if one has done a certain thing many times in their life, they would adjust to it. Moving, it seems, doesn't work that way. If I were to map all the places I've lived in my life, it would look like a bowl of spaghetti dropped on a map of North America.... Continue Reading →

Tripping over the Rug Monsters

Cedar’s post the other day about choosing attainable goals started me thinking about things I’ve been trying to sweep under the rug for a while. By now the rug is all lumpy and it keeps bubbling as the Rug Monsters fight for freedom. So I guess it’s time to let them have their say… I... Continue Reading →

Kaleidoscope of Chaos

I remember playing with kaleidoscopes as a kid. There were more than one kind, but they all operate off the same basic principle of three mirrors in a tube that reflected what was at the end of the tube into fascinating fractalline shapes. One kind had little plastic shards that when you turned the tube,... Continue Reading →


The boy-child is at vacation Bible school mornings this week. This is good, as I was starting to look for itinerant entertainers interested in taking on apprentices. It’s good to start them early on such things, right? Anyway, the life of a temporarily single parent is no joke, and the real single parents out there... Continue Reading →

Get Out Before It’s Too Late

Actually it’s never too late to cut out these associations, but the sooner you recognize them and do so, the less risk you run of getting hurt. Some of them can be damaging to your health, most of them to your career, and all of the ones I list will waste your time. What? Oh,... Continue Reading →

All Upsot

They say you should write what you know. Many writers seem to interpret this as only writing about things they have experienced, which would be very limiting. Me? I'd never have written about a midair conflict between a Roc and a bush plane, or the cerebral battle between an old woman and a relentless alien... Continue Reading →

Lights Out

I'm sitting here typing early on a Saturday morning, and by early I mean Oh-dark-thirty. I'd intended to write this yesterday, and in fact was sitting here staring at the blank screen trying to dredge up the brilliant idea I'd come up with in the middle of the day while I was at work (why... Continue Reading →

What do you want?

As a reader, what do you want when you pick up a book? Does that change from genre to genre, or even from fiction to non-fiction? In other words, what do you think makes a book "good"? If you could talk to publishers, what would you tell them you want? As you can tell, my... Continue Reading →

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