NaNoWriMo meets real life

Well, November is nearly over and that anguished cry you hear (or more likely, the sound of laptops and tablets hitting the wall) means writers once again wonder why they thought they could do NaNo during November. After all, you have Thanksgiving, Black Friday (that now lasts weeks), family gatherings after a year-plus of Covid... Continue Reading →

And Another thing

Tomorrow is the big day! The newest children's book is going live... One Hungry Werewolf and Other Monstrous Rhymes will be available in print and ebook. Which leaves me sitting here thinking about what's up next. I have plans for more children's books, and the live chat last night consisted of more than one person... Continue Reading →

Character Analysis

Or Finding Your Own Bad Habits Now, the first thing I’m going to say about creating characters is Do Not Outsmart Yourself With A Clever Naming Scheme! I speak from experience. Ignore the weird names in the following examples. Or take them as a lesson on what not to do. What I’m examining right now... Continue Reading →

Nocturnal Revelations –snippet

Apologies for the lateness of the post. I'll be honest, I couldn't figure out what to write about today. I started and deleted three different times. The problem is I'm in the final stages of preparing a book for release and that has taken over my brain. So, instead of trying a fourth time to... Continue Reading →

Life returning to normal

Or as normal as any writer's life ever gets. As you know, the last few months have been odd, to say the least, for the Green household. Mom's shoulder injury and subsequent shoulder replacement has turned many things upside down. It drove home the point of just how lucky we have been she's as healthy... Continue Reading →

Release Day!

The most exciting day in an author's life is also the most terrifying day. Release day. That day when you push the button, the virtual door opens and your "baby" races out the door into the world or readers. Will they love your baby? Or will they look at it, screw up their noses and... Continue Reading →

A snippet revisited

Here's hoping everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day yesterday. I'll freely admit to suffering from too much fun followed by battling a refrigerator yesterday afternoon and evening that decided it wanted to torment me with the question of "Am I failing or am I not?" So, I'm doing the Mad Genius Club form... Continue Reading →

An interesting endeavor

I've always steered clear of anthologies, having heard stories of the difficulty writing for them. You write up a tale tailored to that particular one, they don't take it, then what do you do with a story about a purple top-hatted steampunk kraken? Anyway, on top of this, whilst I was at an impressionable age... Continue Reading →


That is the sound you hear -- okay, maybe I'm the only one to hear it -- when this writer's brain realizes it has two active works-in-progress going on and suddenly, without warning, a third (and possibly a fourth) suddenly pops in and demands attention. That "Ack!" is immediately followed by hysterical laughter and then... Continue Reading →

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