Planning Ahead

There was a time when I never knew what my next writing project was going to be. Writing was something I did in the privacy of my room, never intending for anyone to see it. Even when I started getting serious about my writing, I was more of a pantser, even when it came to... Continue Reading →

I said I’d return

Like many folks yesterday, I overdid. Not with food or drink but with too much heat and time on my feet. One of our annual fundraisers for the local library is parking cars for 4thFest. It is always fun because you get to spend the day with friends. I love seeing how kids dress up... Continue Reading →

It’s NaNo Time Again — redux

Ah, yes, November is here. There was once a time when that meant looking forward to a long weekend of family, football and guilt-free overeating. It meant starting to think about holidays and gift buying and decorating the house. Now, November is a month that brings both fear and anticipation. It's the month when so... Continue Reading →

ConFeyction sneak peek

I'm working away on the next book in the con vampire series, and Amanda suggested folks might like a sneak peek snippet of it. So here it is: a chunk of mostly unedited raw first draft ConFeyction. Now with added elves.   Chapter 1: Too Many Elves I knew something was wrong within moments of... Continue Reading →

There be progress

There be progress on the third con book. It's slow, because I'm handwriting on a notepad in my lunchbreak, but it's consistent, and more than that the itty bitty snips I've sent my first readers have got them giggling. So far I've killed one of my designated redshirts - Synova, your crushed body has been... Continue Reading →

Redshirt Yourself and Get ConSensual Free

In celebration of Consensual's release Real Soon Now, I have a competition. Write a short - 2 paragraphs max - description of how you'd like to be redshirted in the Con vampire universe. Anything entered before midnight US Eastern Standard Time on Saturday 30th June will be eligible. The five suggestions that amuse me the... Continue Reading →

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