Publishing series

Long series, foreshadowing and all those pesky details . . . The subject came up, I think on facebook, about whether an Indie writer/publisher should publish each book as it was finished, or wait until the whole series was done, Then publish them on a fairly close schedule. And I’m like . . . finished?... Continue Reading →

Story from the Start: 3 – Story Bible?

Before we go any farther into the stories, let's stop and review. We've looked at openings, and setting the scene. We've outlined some characters, and either hinted at or stated what the conflicts are going to be. We don't have antagonists/villains yet, or motivations for the Bad Guy/Gal/Thing. Before you go too far in your... Continue Reading →

Entwined Series

What do you do when two series decide to get friendly with each other? One of the problems with spending January wrestling alligators instead of writing is that it left my muse free to plot in the shadows… and she has a nasty sense of humor. A month ago everything was nice and straightforward. I... Continue Reading →

And the light dawns

Day before yesterday, I downloaded a bunch of books. They were of different genres. Some were from traditional publishers. Others were small press or indie published. My goal was to simply sit back for an evening or three and read. I haven't done that in a very long time and looked forward to it. Of... Continue Reading →

Characters can break

The last couple of weeks have been busy. There's been the writing and the editing. There's been family stuff and medical stuff. There has also been a lot of reading, most of which was for entertainment. There has also been recharging of the creative part of my mind -- as well as beating my muse... Continue Reading →

When a book becomes a series

Jason is being held hostage by work this week. He mumbled (can you mumble via IM?) something about 120 hour work week. So I said I'd stand in for him. The following post is one I wrote for Nocturnal-Lives a couple of months ago (with a few updates today). I thought I'd run it here... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Look

Cedar here: I've been a bit overwhelmed with school and work this week, so when Sanford emailed me this I was delighted. Not just because it meant less work for me, but because we talk all the time, and this has been a topic recently. When is it time to stop? Do you leave them... Continue Reading →

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