File? What File?

Oh, this file? Well, where did that come from? And this beloved franchise, adored by millions if lately come a bit low? I was, uh, just cleaning it up. Giving it a bit of polish! Yeah, that’s it. Making it look pretty! Well, by pretty, I mean blowing dust into the corners and giving it... Continue Reading →

What is a good book?

That seems to be the question everyone thinks they have the answer to. The truth, however, is that there is no one "correct" definition. A good book truly is in the eye of the beholder. Just as there is no one correct way to write (the process of writing), there is no one correct definition... Continue Reading →

Don’t cry for me, onion cleaner…

  It’s all a fiendish plot, devised, needless to say, by fiends, who were just being fiendly… Last week I got asked about how I plotted, and, particularly, how I arrived at an emotional climax at the finale. Which, um, is a lot more difficult than it seems, and is almost certainly not something there... Continue Reading →

Madness behind the method

Those of you who'd rather not go on another exotic tour into the weirdness that is Kate's mind can stop reading now. For everyone else, I have yet another something bubbling, for which I know exactly what to blame: Overlord. I've been playing the game obsessively as a stress-release method (my day job is... well,... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Toolbox: Plots and plants

Contrary to a rather popular belief, plots are not simply what happens in a story. Confused? Think of reality TV. That has no plot - stuff happens for the set time period, then the show finishes. So while stuff happening is necessary to plot, it's not sufficient. I'm not claiming any guru-ness here, so if anyone can... Continue Reading →

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