Out of the dumpster fire of the last couple of years, the phoenix rises. This may not be the firebird we want, but it is the firebird we deserve. On the shimmering heat of the burning trash, it rises, and with it, we have hope for a bright new future in 2023. No matter what... Continue Reading →

Gaining Control over Life

I know I'm getting old - I managed to pull a muscle under my scapula getting out of bed this morning. Also, I had a birthday earlier this month. I wasn't thinking about either of those when I planned to write this post, though. No, I was thinking about control, and how feeling completely out... Continue Reading →

Writing To Your Audience

oh, hai! I sort of forgot this was Saturday... I've had first weekend, you see, and now I'm working on second weekend. It's blissful, and I was all focused on family and not thinking about writing at all. Well, except for Thanksgiving morning where a friend inadvertently gave me a story prompt and I had... Continue Reading →


I’m starting to believe normal really is just a setting on a device of some sort, somewhere. Unless, perhaps, you live in a cave, somewhere miles or more from the nearest other human. And don’t have any relationships or concomitant responsibilities. I don’t think I’ve had two very similar weeks in the last couple of... Continue Reading →

Starving the critic

Catching up on some of the blogs I haven’t read since the knee surgery, I’ve just come across Kris Rusch’s April 17 post on silencing the critical voice.  That’s a topic of perennial interest to me, because I’ve spent a lot of energy wrestling with the critical voice in my own head – as, I... Continue Reading →

Write Me

As the month of NaNoWriMo looms in the near future, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the one time I did it – and won – why I don’t do it every year, and what I’d suggest to those who want to succeed with it. Here’s the thing: you can NoWri... Continue Reading →

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