Resist! Resist!

First of all, my apologies for being late this morning. Life at Casa Verde is undergoing changes. Nothing major, just things that will require some changes to my normal schedule, at least in the short term. The good part of this is I had half an hour in the car already this morning, time to... Continue Reading →

Uncle Timmy

This is a story about the nicest man in all of Fandom. I first came to LibertyCon because it was a family reunion for family I'd never met before. There were... two, maybe three people at that con I'd met in person, and I'm mildly agoraphobic. At the time, make that more than mild. So... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Fandom By Kacey Ezell

So I read Cedar Sanderson’s lovely piece entitled “To Thine Own Self Be True”, and I found that I agreed with much of what she had to say. I, too, have zero tolerance for those who would sexually abuse others, particularly children. Actions like that are intolerable, and have no place in society, any society.... Continue Reading →

To Thine Own Self Be True

In light of yesterday's post by Jason about the whole WorldCon thing, and conversations I've had with friends recently, in addition to learning more about the history of Fandom: Breendoggle, the rampant child molestation at cons, Kramer of DragonCon... I have not seen the seedy underbelly of the big, old cons myself. My con experiences... Continue Reading →

In Which A Wall Of Text Is Wall of Texted

Apparently people don't like being told they're destructive assholes because Toni Weisskopf's wonderful post on the way SF fandom is tearing itself apart because the precious little darlings can't stand to have someone disagree with them has attracted some really special, special trolls. So since I wasn't going to give Mz Great Wall Of Text... Continue Reading →

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