Be Advised

Over the past week or so, I've talked with several new writers who had finished their manuscripts and were ready to start on the next phase of their projects. A couple of them had a pretty good plan in mind. They'd already sent their work to beta readers or it was being workshopped by their... Continue Reading →


The title says it all. Oops!  Somehow, I forgot it's Tuesday. Gee, I wonder why. Now I need to run out of the house to take care of some errands. So, because I am late, here's a repost from my blog yesterday. Backlogs and Priorities I don’t know about the other writers out there, but... Continue Reading →

I Was Warned

I WAS WARNED A lot of writers have expressed concern about Amazon’s effective monopoly, and I’ve been trying not to think about it, because I use Amazon so much and it would be extremely uncomfortable to walk away from it. Not only is it the platform for my indie books; I’ve been using KU as... Continue Reading →

Constant Scrutiny

As I was chatting with a fellow author last night, the topic came up of Amazon and their predilection for pulling reviews they find suspicious, or suspending the accounts of authors they think may be gaming the system. It was something John van Stry had talked about on the trends in Indie Publishing panel he... Continue Reading →

Treat It Like A Business Revisited

(I originally wrote this post back in 2016. Here it is again with some additional thoughts--ASG.) As I was looking for potential topics for today’s post, I came across one of Kris Rusch’s posts and knew I had everything I needed right there. In fact, I considered e-mailing Kris and asking permission to simply repost... Continue Reading →


Here’s why you should. I see it frequently, if not hear it outright, and although there are times the ability to not GaF is a powerful tool, there are definitely times it is a bad thing. When you get to the point where you stop seeing the people around you as humans, but inanimate objects... Continue Reading →


Or perhaps "wut?" That's pretty much been what I've said to a lot of things recently. Everything from my current WIPs to industry news, I've been scratching my head and wondering "what?". Sometimes, it's been with a degree of amazement and wonder, sometimes sheer befuddlement. All of it has been with a great deal of... Continue Reading →

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