Store-bought blurb

The experiment of paying someone else to write my blurb is in, and I'm happy with the results. Here it is: "After waiting ten long years for Richart Dalkey to realize she’s no longer the awkward young girl he grew up with, Elspet is thrilled when he finally comes to pay her court . .... Continue Reading →

Blurb Clinic

Okay, a bunch of you requested blurb clinics. And I was innocently sipping my coffee when I looked up and saw a swarm of fingers pointed at me, including one from Sarah as she rapidly ran away. I get it, I get it. The other people on this group blog write actual, y'know, books, and... Continue Reading →

What is . . . .

Last night, I was talking with Kate and some of our regular MGC readers about what I should write about today. We discussed several different possibilities but we kept coming back to a single topic and I signed off the internet, satisfied that I had my topic for this post. I finished editing the chapter... Continue Reading →

Adding the Sizzle

There was an advertising saying somewhen, I don't recall where I first heard it, that you aren't selling the steak, you're selling the sizzle. Needless to say, making books smoke and sizzle isn't the way to sell them, but adding some polish is. To return to the metaphor I started exploring last week, of books... Continue Reading →

Get a Blurb

Blurb always sounds to me like an onomatopoeia. This is a word that should mean something like the last sound you make as you are drowning, as the bubble of air leaves your lungs and breaks to the surface... blurb. Instead, it's not that bad but it feels that way. I can't count how many... Continue Reading →

blurbs and descriptions

"Hello, I'm Dave... and yes, I, I... have a reading problem..." "Go on Dave, you're among friends here. We've all been there." "Well, I don't think I want to quit. But... but I need help." "Oh, none of us do, when you're deep in a great book. But the bastards put that Amazon link at... Continue Reading →

A short rant and a recommendation

It's Tuesday and I'm at a loss for what to write about. Part of the reason is that my body is sore, very sore, after moving furniture, breaking down furniture, etc., for a good part of yesterday. With my son about to move home for three months to do his internship prior to graduation and... Continue Reading →

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