Trapped with the Lord of Hate!!!

Oh, the huge manatee . . .  It was written seven years ago, but I only came across this article recently.  I was tickled by its headline: I spent 7 days in a car with Larry Correia,International Lord of Hate, and lived to tell about it Having enjoyed Larry's company over several days at conventions,... Continue Reading →


So-called "cancel culture" is spreading like wildfire across the literary landscape.  It's got to the point where employees of publishers are trying to exercise a veto over what books their employers publish.  As one progressive commenter put it, "Nobody has a human right to a lucrative book contract without regard for whether their opinions are... Continue Reading →

Beware the coming wave of censorship

With a new Administration in Washington, D.C., and the oligarchs of Big Tech now dominating US politics, we as writers have to expect a new wave of pressure - initially "voluntary", but very likely regulated or even legislated in due course - to conform what we write to the policies of the powers that be.... Continue Reading →

Books are struggling to survive

In past articles, I've frequently commented that the market for books is only one element of a much broader market - that for entertainment as a whole.  Books compete with movies, TV programs and series, computer games, etc. for a share of the consumer's entertainment dollar.  Increasingly, books are getting the short end of that... Continue Reading →

The tentacled one meets dr seuss

Earlier this week, I was amused to find that H. P. Lovecraft's horror short story "The Call of Cthulhu" had been rendered in cartoon form, copying the style of Dr. Seuss, by an enterprising artist.  An article at Gizmodo discussed the project.  Here are a couple of sample pages.       The book is... Continue Reading →

The center Cannot hold

I'm sure everyone's familiar with William Butler Yeats' epic poem, "The Second Coming".  Written in the aftermath of the First World War, and the Easter Rising and subsequent Irish War of Independence, it depicts chaos, anarchy and the collapse and disintegration of the familiar. Turning and turning in the widening gyreThe falcon cannot hear the... Continue Reading →


I was fascinated to come across an article at the BBC's Web site describing how the first drafts of famous books reveal the development of their authors' ideas, and also how those ideas were changed to fit contemporary sensibilities and sensitivities.  The article was apparently inspired by a firm in Paris, SP Books, which publishes... Continue Reading →

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