Always Warm your Hands

I've run across this meme several times.  It never fails to amuse me. Writing strikes me as somewhat related. We're trying to "milk our Muse", for want of a better expression. Sometimes the output flows just fine. At others, our Muse objects to our cold hands on her creative udder, and kicks us right in... Continue Reading →

A writer’s frustrations – and blessings

2020 has been a frustrating year for me in many ways.  From a writing perspective, it's been dominated by health issues.  Late last year I suffered a heart attack (my second), from which I'm recovering well, thanks be to God.  However, I've been on additional medications since then, and they've interacted with some of those... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning reading about writing

This post is written in haste, for which my apologies.  Dorothy and I have both been very busy, so she didn't have an opportunity to write her regular Sunday morning article.  She apologizes, and promises to make up for it soon. Anyway, in place of a longer article, I have a reading suggestion.  I've been... Continue Reading →

The mindset of a successful writer

I guess most of us who write got into the game with some sort of vague, inchoate idea that we had a story to tell, and wouldn't really be at peace with ourselves unless we tried to tell it.  Some may have wanted to write the Great American Novel, or whatever their national version thereof... Continue Reading →

When you feel like you just can’t go on

I've been battling with depression and negativity about my writing lately.  Since my heart attack last November, the medication I was put on has been reacting with/to the other meds I've been on for years, to help me cope with the permanent pain of a disabling injury back in 2004. The combination has made it... Continue Reading →

Facebook and the throttling of free speech

Over the past week, two articles have illustrated how one social media behemoth is doing its best to rewrite the definition of free speech and force conformity upon everyone - writers, creators, audience and all.  It's a direct and immediate threat to authors, too, because much of our intended audience is part of the Facebook... Continue Reading →

What helps you write?

I'd like to use this morning's article to ask you, fellow writers and readers, to share the tips, techniques and aids that help you write.  For example, I know many of us (Sarah, Kate, Dorothy and I) have feline assistants, as Breaking Cat News so aptly portrayed earlier this week (click the image below to... Continue Reading →

Reading and writing in a pandemic economy

I was very interested to read how bookstores are coping with the challenges of a coronavirus-hit economy.  The BBC writes about "How bookshops are helping with isolation".  I'm going to quote from their article at some length, to illustrate how innovation and enthusiasm can compensate for other problems. As Covid-19 spreads around the world ...... Continue Reading →

Old-school journalism, old-school writers

I was interested to read an article titled "The Golden Age of Fleet Street".  The author reminisces about his career in journalism, and how, in the old days, reporters had to "climb the career ladder" from local, to provincial, to national newspapers, and "earn their stripes" the hard way.  He points out that the current... Continue Reading →

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