This seems to be the theme of my life right now. I’m currently sitting in Mom’s Family Diner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Four hours from home, but I have my husband sleepily sipping coffee across from me, I have my iPad and bluetooth keyboard, and hotspot internet streaming from my phone to the iPad. Through the... Continue Reading →

So…. about Kindle Unlimited

I've been hesitating to write this post, because I know some people will come out swinging and saying I'm doing it all wrong or something. That's fine. This is just my experience. The first thing I want to say is that programs like Kindle Unlimited -- or even publishing platforms. I knew mystery writers making... Continue Reading →

Low, Low, Low

I'm always amused when someone refers to me as an intellectual. I mean, I suppose it is true, in a way, for a definition of "makes her living with her mind" and "sometimes the stuff she says actually has an influence on people who have more influence than she does." But growing up, intellectuals were... Continue Reading →

Danger, Danger

Sorry this is a bit late, but WP was being picky this morning and not letting me in. Anyway, this is another of those posts where we get to discuss the ways some folks do their best to take money from writers instead of giving them money. So let's start with the mantra we should... Continue Reading →


'We had joy, we had fun, we had curry in the sun...' Rather than the rather maudlin original 'Seasons', the South African (filk, parody?) version was the the 'tragic' tale of a fellow who drank too much 'blue top' (cane spirit - white rum, elsewhere) and is now suffering the consequences, by some long dead... Continue Reading →

Soothing Reading

Recently my husband urged me to read a book. I was standing in the dining area of the apartment, surrounded by boxes and chaos. I was also having something of a mild anxiety attack. I had worked eight hours, trotted my happy little derriere off to work another three hours at the past-job-that-won't-die, had made... Continue Reading →

It’s all in how you tell it.

I'm the force that saps men's willpower and makes them succumb to temptation. Peter was supposed to be here, but I talked him into coming back to bed, and left him sleeping. So, you must deal with me instead of the reasonable one! ...okay, that intro sounds entirely wrong genre for the actual conversation. Switching... Continue Reading →

Fanfic and Fatuousity

It's not a surprise for anyone that I like fanfic, I think? Or at least that I read fanfic when I'm on "easy mode" for some other reason. Like, you know, I find myself reading fanfic when the stress level reaches a certain point. At this moment it's not the stress, so much as I'm... Continue Reading →


Forgot it was Tuesday. Been in the middle of a writing jag since 0300. Sleep is calling. So I'm going to trust you guys not to tear down the place while I get some rest. I'll be back later and will answer your questions, maybe post a snippet or I might even find something deep... Continue Reading →

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