A hundred and one… point 4… No, not Dalmatians.  Although there are spots, many of them, and inimical aliens who remind one of Cruella. And plenty of evil and dim-witted hench-villians. Words, words, words. Thousands of words. 101.4K of them… I don’t believe there is one I haven’t… Ok, I am being silly. But it’s... Continue Reading →

Accuracy matters!

I finished the first draft on the next book! And then I gave it to Calmer Half, for the tactical read-through. Because accuracy matters. (After he finishes, it's going to a geologist who will do her own accuracy read-through. I aim to always write something good enough that people who are skilled in the profession... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Worldbuilding

Please welcome an up-and-coming writer, Logan Kearsley. We connected through LTUE and I was happy to get a post from him on the way he creates worlds. It's always interesting to get a glimpse into someone's creative processes. Thanks, Logan! Worldbuilding can start from a lot of different places. Consider, for example, how people communicate... Continue Reading →

Change and decay in all around I see…

It's an awkward time to be a writer in these (dis)United States.  We see the ravages of identity politics destroying almost everything that held us together as a nation.  Both because of and in response to that, reactions to those holding different views are getting more knee-jerk, more emotional, more extreme from one day to... Continue Reading →

Things I Did Not Need

Yesterday (as I write – meaning on Tuesday) I got part one of the virus vaccine. My primary (possibly only) motivation is that if I’m vaccinated, I won’t need to wear a mask when my employer starts requiring some in-office work (currently planned for September. We’ll see). So far so good. The process of getting... Continue Reading →

Goals and Rewards

I'm trying to be better about rewarding myself when I accomplish something. If I can't wire my brain to see the accomplishment itself as a reward, I might as well see if I can convince the wad of soggy bacon to connect effort, accomplishment, and external reward. Maybe someday, I'll get back to the point... Continue Reading →


 BLURB WRITING B Y MCA HOGHARTH              I love blurb writing. I know, it sounds crazy. But blurbs, like movie trailers with those fantastic voiceovers, are a mini-genre of their own, one short enough that you can practice and improve quickly. The dividends of these efforts are great… a good blurb attracts the right kind of... Continue Reading →

Going Wide and More

If you follow me over at my personal blog, you know I've been wrestling with and finally decided it is time to once again try going wide with my books. So, for the rest of the year, I'll be widely releasing everything already out at least three months. But that doesn't mean I'm completely abandoning... Continue Reading →

Why boys don’t read enough

I find myself wanting to offer my congratulations to the writer of this piece in Atlantic – although I think they’d be as welcome as a pork chop at a Jewish wedding feast. ‘Boys don’t read enough’. For a start, I can think of few articles which so wonderfully epitomized the term ‘Atlantic’ – because... Continue Reading →

A quiet mind

I finished the first draft, and got it out to two subject matter experts for an alpha read. Of course, this promptly ensured that they have extremely busy weeks, because Murphy's Law is alive and well. But until it comes back, I'm not going to worry about it. Which means I have a quiet mind... Continue Reading →

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