Remember not the sins of my youth

I’m busy trying to frantically finish the current Heirs book which takes the future of some of the slightly lesser characters from the earlier books and builds on them. And of course the characters I have built in those more-than-a-million odd words. It’s really too long in a universe, for this author anyway. It does... Continue Reading →

A Good Ending

In writing, a good ending hides a multitude of sins.  This is particularly true in short stories, where a good ending can draw together a rambling beginning and a confused middle and make a story extraordinary. Among the many strange things in this era of the internet and far-flung friendship is that both Dave Freer... Continue Reading →

On writer’s block and inspiration

It's Christmas Eve morning and the oven is cleaning. Soon, I'll be in the kitchen baking another couple of batches of cookies to deliver to neighbors and friends. This evening we'll have our annual holiday meal with friends/family. Tomorrow we'll open gifts and then collapse to try to recover. Pretty much what so many other... Continue Reading →

Iggy and the Beach

As most of you live in the Northern hemisphere, and cold winter is on you, I thought I'd fill you all with a happy vision of Southern hemisphere beach holidays to make you feel better about the amount of fuel your furnace takes: Iggy's Beach Holiday Eyes pinched tight against the sandblast that was stripping... Continue Reading →

Building Blocks

So I’m stuck. I get stuck all the time, looking at this vast lego-block looming in front of me, making me feel like my mind is blank because all I can see is this blank wall in front of me. Sometimes, stepping back away from it a little helps, because I can suddenly see how... Continue Reading →

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