The Only True Grail

As a writer, I strive for the moment of awe.  I know myself and my abilities, and I know at most, most of the time, I come closer to the moment of “aw” which can be achieved just as profitably by looking at a picture of a cute kitten hugging a teddy bear. But I... Continue Reading →

Elf Blood, Free Novel, chapter 12

*Another short chapter.  Sorry.  It's hard to ride two horses at once.  I'll speed up after New Years.* *You guys know we talked about doing a shared world.  We went with a whole continent so that Dave can have his jungle and I can have my big city with diners.  We're working on a contract... Continue Reading →

There Will Be Elf Blood

Unfortunately the current white stuff all over the ground means that everything this family has to do outside the house becomes an expedition.  I can't run to the store in fifteen minutes, and the kids can't go get gas, and...  Instead, it's all "everyone get together in the most ice-worthy car in the family and... Continue Reading →

The Pen Is Mightier…

I said earlier this week I’m not naturally snarky. That doesn’t mean that things don’t rub me wrong and get me angry. And I am very angry right now. I have been watching a swelling tide of articles about people who are attempting to use language as a weapon. They have grasped the old saying... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?

Plotting a new novel recently I have come across a familiar phenomenon. I'm working away on the plot, then move on to fleshing out a particular character, or describing that particular character's backstory or role in the plot. Slam. Dead stop. I need the name. If I cannot get a name that works for me... Continue Reading →

Public Face

This is Cedar, posting for Kate. Kate staggered into the Mad Genius Club yesterday evening, looked around and asked for help - she'd had a rough day at work and her brain was fried. I looked around, Sarah and Amanda were busy elsewhere, Dave is incommunicado… so I volunteered. You know what they say about... Continue Reading →

Something Old, Something New

WRITING WITH FOUND OBJECTS - 6 Years ago at Southwest Writers’ Conference, as still unpublished authors, my friends and I attended a panel on “saleable fiction.”  I have the name of the person who taught it under my tongue, but it just won’t come to the fore. Anyway, it was enlightening to me, partly as... Continue Reading →

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