Writing Pixie Noir

I started out to write a little story to make my partner laugh. I didn’t start out to write something special, or anything other than fun, but I wound up with a novel, and then realized it’s a series, and... Pixie Noir started out of having a direction, and then it just grew. We’d been... Continue Reading →

Red Dwarfs

I’ve always found red dwarf stars fascinating. With all the initial focus on the G class sun-like stars in the search for life, the long-lived and numerous red dwarfs seemed to have an enticing promise. Most of them are too dim to be seen with the naked eye – adding to their mystery. It is... Continue Reading →

Advice for the Lost Cause

So, sometime last week, Sarah found this page of alleged advice to writers, produced by someone who is not a writer. The list of egregious faults in said page is truly mind-boggling, and I'm reliably informed that members of the Hoyt Collective invented new forms of swearing due to reading this. So don't come whining... Continue Reading →

Write It Like It’s Hot

There comes a time in the affairs of men – and women too.  PARTICULARLY women – when you find an object so wonderful, so resplendent, so … perfect, that even the most honest of us can’t help but say “oh, I want to steal that.” If the object in question is an emerald at the... Continue Reading →

I’mmmmm baaaaack

Before anyone gets on me because I promised the post on copyright and haven't done it yet, I will. I promise. But it has exploded in the amount of research and issues posed. So I want to make sure I'm not shorting it any. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to it by next week.... Continue Reading →


I will be back with a post after lunch. I forgot a doctor's appointment this morning for my mother and have to leave the house in just a few minutes. I will, in the words of the Terminator, be back.

Stiff Necked

I come from two long lines of stiff-necked bastards, who fitted in to the established order the way Godzilla fits into the Bolshoi Ballet troupe (in a tutu, naturally), which is why my ancestors tended to go (mostly by their own volition) as far as possible from those who might like them to bow and... Continue Reading →

Fling Open the Gates

I’ll begin this with two myths. First, that books and publishing need gatekeepers. This could be applied to oh, so much more in life, but I will stop there. The other, that gatekeepers must have the ‘right credentials’ or indeed, that anyone involved with writing must have them, from authors to editors to... whatever role... Continue Reading →

Free Calvanni eBook!

Hi, everyone. This Friday 22nd November and Saturday 23rd November the Kindle ebook version of The Calvanni will be free on Amazon! Click on the Calvanni thumbnail to link to Amazon. I'd recommend the book to anyone who likes David Gemmell. Since Gemmell is my all time favourite author, The Calvanni and the other two... Continue Reading →

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