Filling in . . .

Let me start by letting you know that I received an SOS from Amanda earlier this morning. There was something about it being morning, no coffee and and a raging headache. Let's just say she wasn't a happy camper. So, since I happened to be up -- sort of -- and, as she said, looking... Continue Reading →

Abduction Report

Hi, everyone. Apologies for my lack of reply to last week’s UFO post, but I was abducted by magical Sidhe folk living in the forest behind my house. As always, time spent in the Sidhe realm follows different rules. Thankfully I did not emerge a day or so later having aged to a ripe old... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Week

Well, to my considerable surprise, we had a whole week go by without any new acts of gratuitous stupidity from TOFKASFWA. For this I give thanks. I'm not sure I can keep up with the new improved shitstorm schedule even as an observer (I can't call myself disinterested. I am interested, even if it's only... Continue Reading →

Lest Darkness Falls

There was a time children’s books were pious and goody two shoes.  They were almost incredibly boring. I read so many books in which the characters were goody-goody that I was primed and ready for Tom Bailey By Thomas Bailey Aldrich because it was “Story of a bad boy.”  I also loved Tom Sawyer because,... Continue Reading →

There will be a post

I promise, there will be a post later today. At least I hope there will be. I even read the article I plan to base my post around. But let's just say it has caused me to think harder than my poor early morning brain is ready to do. Maybe it's because I'm so used... Continue Reading →

Numbers and the golden calf

Okay before I turn you over to the Zamzummims, once more unto Numbers… Let me just explain something that seem to still pass a few people by. A probability is just the expression of the likelihood of something occurring. It works real well on large samples. In individuals you actually have to apply that weird... Continue Reading →

Entitlement, oh entitlement

What is it about the past month or six? We've had front row seats to the foolishness that is SFWA -- more than once. We're standing in line waiting to buy popcorn before Vox finally schools SFWA on the foolishness of their ways. This week we've seen a publisher cancel a contract that had already... Continue Reading →

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