Ten Ways to Leave your (Writers’) Group

Ten Signs You Should Leave Your Writers’ Group I’ll be honest: it’s been close on twelve years since I had a writers’ group, but I didn’t leave so much as the group fell apart due to various reasons beyond our control, mostly relating to jobs, free time and where we each were at the time.... Continue Reading →

Of finances and prices and more

It seems appropriate that coming on the heels of my post about visiting the local Barnes & Noble, I read an article this morning about how B&N has adjusted its profit and loss statements for the last three years. According to the report I read (and, when I find the cite again, I'll post it),... Continue Reading →

Joining the dots

I’m quite stupid sometimes, so maybe there is a big something here I am just not seeing, something that is as obvious as can be to everyone who doesn’t have to take their shoes and trousers off to count to twenty one. (It’s my tail I’m talking about. You just connected the wrong dots.) You... Continue Reading →

A trip to the bookstore

Sorry I'm late getting this up this morning. After more than a week of what can only be called a writing marathon, I had to come up for air, look around and return to the real world yesterday. There were bills to be paid, a couple of meetings to be had and a yard to... Continue Reading →

Open Floor

Hi, Everyone. Apologies, but the Dark Forces have combined this week to prevent me from getting my blog together. I've been looking at new power supply technologies for space-based missions and I promise an interesting look at a new application of an old (200 year old) technology next week. Anyone got any interesting space news?


I was thinking earlier today (I know, bad idea) and it occurred to me, there's something a lot of writers do that can get us into trouble - mostly because what actually happens is a hell of a lot less sensible than what we do... See, like economists (shaddup and listen, this will take a... Continue Reading →

Guest Post By Peter Grant

*Guest post by Peter Grant, author of Take The Star Road one of those Indie books that have done enormously well -- like both of Ellie Ferguson's books -- Peter describes how he came to write, how he came to choose to publish Indie, and what went into making his "overnight" success. Peter's second book... Continue Reading →

To dream or to do

Last night I was talking with Sarah via IM and asking what I ought to blog about today. Normally finding a something to blog about isn't a problem. The problem is usually finding one that isn't such a hot button topic that we'd be invaded by trolls and an epic flame war would erupt. But... Continue Reading →

Weave to Knot

I had a plan to write a fairly complex post today, and as usual real life intervened – the current story is going well, a friend asked me to look at a piece of land he fancies, dealing with a project discussion between Amanda, Sarah, Kate and I and possibly Chris and then my computer... Continue Reading →

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