The Catching and Feeding of Betas

No, not to the sharks. Good betas are too hard to find. Good well-trained betas are worth their weight in gold - or in the case of the plus-sized betas, worth their weight in chocolate. Since I was asked in the comments of last week's ramble how one goes about snaring a good beta reader,... Continue Reading →

Protecting Amazon From Itself

This is not an article against Amazon.  While Amazon is a big company, and like all big companies it can do stupid things, in the twelve? Thirteen? Years, I’ve been a customer, I’ve found their customer service is exemplary and they really do bend over backwards to help the customer.  As an indie publisher, I’m... Continue Reading →

What You Wanted To Know About Editing

But were afraid to ask. I’ve discussed before the difference between editing, copy editing and proofing, but judging by the fact that someone over at ATH asked about how writers were going to get the excellent editing and other services that traditional publishers provide in the new indie publishing, I’m going to presume that I... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing each and every one of you a happy and safe New Year. I'm throwing the floor open today to any and all questions and comments about the publishing industry. What do you see as the trends in this upcoming year? What's happened in the last year that you liked or that you wish... Continue Reading →

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