New Beginnings

I find myself in an awkward place right now. It seems that 2013 is the year of new beginnings for me. I finished the first book of the new piece (at about 50k words - the first story arc just fell that way) last week, I'm still unemployed, so any new job I start will... Continue Reading →

Sellling Your Soul In Installments

  If you are a writer who hopes to make a living from writing, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself writing something for which you have no feeling whatsoever. No, I’m not saying that you’ll be doing work for hire.  Yes, I’ve done some, most of it book doctoring and not normal work... Continue Reading →

A few links of interest

I'll try to get back with a "real" post later today, but I have to run out of here shortly for a doctor's appointment and, duh, I forgot to write my post last night. In the meantime, with a hat tip to Cedar Sanderson and J. Michael Antoniewicz II for two of the following links.... Continue Reading →

Airline reading

I'm (hopefully) in the final throes of leaving Zimbabwe for Australia (I will relax finally when I on the plane), but I have been packing up sorting out and still a fair bit to go, and I may get ambushed by a power outage (they have rolling powere cuts according to no schedule). So -... Continue Reading →

Slingshots and Cosmic Coincidences

It's easy to get dizzy thinking of humanity reaching out into the Universe. Especially if you have a head full of space opera with FTL drives, wormholes and other 'standard' transportation techniques. No wonder it feels disappointing in the extreme to watch the progress of us Earth-dwellers into the local space. Our first steps into... Continue Reading →

The Results of the Homework

So, a few days back I got a parcel from Sarah which contained a bunch of bestselling (at least according to the covers) paranormal romances. The basic idea was that I read them and see if I can write something that will fit the general formula, since the stuff sells like hot... er... very popular... Continue Reading →

Chunks of Chapters

Years ago I was in a writers’ group with a younger writer, who is now, finally, writing fiction… and I’m still in a writers’ group with her, though this time on Facebook (how things change and yet remain the same!) Anyway, she’s now embarked on her first long piece, and she is writing it in... Continue Reading →

Is Print Here to Stay?

Yesterday, Sarah pointed out a link that had been posted on Facebook leading to a post on the Wall Street Journal site reassuring readers that print is here to stay. Since I happen to believe there will always be a market, albeit a niche market, for print books, I didn't have any issues with the... Continue Reading →

From a foreign shore…

Well, what do you know, I have power and internet communication. We've been here in Zimbabwe for five days now and it's been quite fascinating. For those of you who don't know this country was breadbasket of Africa, did OK for a while, and then hit political and hyperinflation turmoil, where a loaf of bread... Continue Reading →

On Holidays

Hi, everyone. I’m off on Christmas vacation. My first post of the new year will be on 11th  January. Feel free to post to an Open Floor. For a bit of entertainment, here’s a great link to a list of the 7 Biggest Mysteries of Mars. In the mean time, I wish everyone a Merry... Continue Reading →

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