Climax and the Cigarette Moment

The Cigarette Moment Yesterday I went trolling for blog post ideas.  I’m more or less on the brink of not having any, or, as one of our group members put it, when we were doing a short story a week, “Every Saturday I get up and stare into the abyss.” This is worse when there... Continue Reading →

Random Penguin

Last week I received an email from a friend -- hi, Taylor! -- who asked if I'd seen what was heating up the twitter feeds from a lot of folks in publishing. That was the first I'd heard about the possible merger between Random House and Penguin. I read the initial articles and then read... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen…

First off: as your gesture of support to independent authors please consider going here to look at this petition. I am sick of giving my dear friends in the banking industry 25% of my Amazon checks (given the fast, vast cashflow - still welcome, Amazon tends to pay me just over 100 dollars when... Continue Reading →


Having finished off a rework of Tau Ceti Diversion (SF), and the third Jakirian book, I thought it was time that I went back and fleshed out the whole novel for an Urban Fantasy concept I wrote in 2010 called Distant Shore. At the time I did a lot of work on backstory, generated a... Continue Reading →

Conformity and the Writer

So, Sarah blogs here about the lies, damned lies, and funny statistics used to keep the non-favored down and quiet, and over at her place about the ever-growing tendency to medicate the oddlings into compliance (which not only damages the oddlings, it does bugger all for those unfortunate souls who really can't function in society... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Just Love . . .

. . . how folks are so quick to jump on the "Amazon is evil bandwagon" without knowing all the facts? In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the internet was alive yesterday with a story about how evil Amazon had wiped a woman's kindle without warning or explanation. How dare they! The... Continue Reading →

Tossing men out with the bathwater

It's like watching Cyanide poured into the town drinking water because two rats were seen at a dripping tap. Watching... and keeping your mouth shut and sitting on your hands. Rats carry plague... And whatever the cost, you don't want to chance being identified with the rats, not even to save the people in the... Continue Reading →

Titan – Archvillain’s Lair

Still continuing my fascination for Saturn’s moon Titan this week. This time adding local power production to my sketch for the habitat. But first a few other fun facts. Using a variety of instruments aboard the Huygens probe scientists have been able to recount a by-by-blow of all 10 second of its bounce, wobble and... Continue Reading →

Why is there so much Gray Goo?

It’s pretty much a given that we Human Wavers (Waving Humans? Only if the human in question doesn’t mind being waved around like a really ratty flag) don’t like Gray Goo. For that matter, declining sales from the mainstream suggest pretty strongly that not many other people like the stuff either. It’s gray, it’s gooey,... Continue Reading →

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