Curiosity Update

by Chris McMahon I thought it would be good to give an update on what Curiosity has been up to since it landed on Mars. Well – Curiosity has given its first musical performance. A few days ago it beamed back ‘Reach for the Stars’ by from Mars to Earth. The first time in... Continue Reading →

Making it Fly

Everyone here has read something that just plods along and doesn’t seem to go anywhere or do anything. The ‘fortunate’ among us have read pieces that should be exciting – they should be riveting, edge-of-the-seat reading – but they’re not. They trudge. I’ve certainly gone “What?” when I see these – they’re plentiful in fanfiction,... Continue Reading →

Fresh and Hot

Fresh stories.  Freshly written.  Come get them while they’re fresh... When I was a kid you’d literally wake up in the more urban areas (not thank heavens, the village) to the yells of various food vendors.  The sun would barely be looking out of a still-darkish sky, when bread vendors, pastry vendors, vegetable vendors and... Continue Reading →

Forgotten jewels

Our bit of stress over the last few weeks has left me burned out and a bit battered. On the good news, we were JUST in time - the polyp was malignant, but not the stalk. So, saved in the nickers of time, thanks to Australia's screening programme. Chris's post on Harry Harrison got me... Continue Reading →

Farewell Harry Harrison

by Chris McMahon I could not let another week go by without posting a small tribute to Harry Harrison, who passed away on 15th August 2012. He is the latest of the recent SF greats to leave us, and he sure will be missed. He was enormously talented and versatile, yet unpretentious in his style.... Continue Reading →

The Adoption Curve

So, it having been yet another hellacious work week (don't ask. I doubt I could tell you without turning the air blue and breaking any number of rules about good behavior. Besides, I'll get them...), I'm sitting browsing idly and wondering what in heck to write about when this shows up on Facebook (thanks to... Continue Reading →

On Our Way To The Future

My younger son came to me and told me he wanted to write an article about how much the internet had improved life.  Before he explained what he meant, I formed a picture in my mind.  It wasn’t what he meant.  His article, if he writes it, I shall submit to one of the more... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of Yawn

All right, I'll admit it. I finally gave into curiosity and read those books. You know what books I'm talking about. The books the media and publishing have been pushing as the next greatest thing around. The "mommy porn" books. Yep, that's right. Despite having already read the sample of the first book in the... Continue Reading →

Gender and the pendulum

Yes, I do realize Kate has probably sprayed her keyboard with coffee reading the title. Blame it on the fact that my focus is still somewhat disturbed, but we hope by tomorrow... But let's look at other matters. Now on a list I belong to, one of the long time fantasy authors said that as... Continue Reading →

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