When You Suck

Okay -- I have a book coming out any day.  Sword And Blood by Sarah Marques (what advantage one has when one born in a family with many, many surnames.) I'm posting the beginning below, unedited, of course.  It's not exactly G -- perhaps PG?  -- and it is vampires.  If you don't object to... Continue Reading →

Yos Ramblings – Greatscythes

by Chris McMahon In my fantasy world Yos, all metal is present as a magical crystal called a glowmetal. These glowmetals are a naturally occurring blend of light and metal that cannot be created or destroyed.  So in the development of weapons, swords and metal armour were out. Instead I developed ceramic weapons. A fantasy... Continue Reading →

Surfing the Human Wave

Okay, thanks to the amazingly interesting combination of Lunacon (pico-con-report - fun, membership is declining, the management hopes there'll be a next time), moving house, and a certain kilted raccoon and his "friends" I've been mostly out of touch for a while. And what do you do while I'm gone? You go and start a... Continue Reading →

Grocers of Despair

-- by Sarah A. Hoyt *And I will have a workshop post later today, as well as send critiques out.  Since today includes a fun and exciting doctor consult, I can't promise as to time, but it will be up before evening.  I apologize for delay.  I can take work or family obligations or illness. ... Continue Reading →

Mid-Listers Are “Toast”?

by Amanda S. Green I'll start with the admission that I'm late getting my post up this morning. Put it down to a serious case of dead brain syndrome. You know, that fuzzy, muddled state of mind that sometimes comes after you finish one project and know you have to move on to another but... Continue Reading →

A narrower church

Over the last week or so Human Wave SF/fantasy has been gathering momentum (the tummies of moments) and it would seem heading steadily towards that lovely Monty Python skit about how the Anglican church would welcome any satanists... you can't be exclusive, you know. Well, as we're slightly wider in scope than the dietary tolerances... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the real world

by Amanda S. Green For those of you looking for Sarah's workshop, she sends her apologies. Between not feeling good this past week and having to leave earlier for Denver this weekend than she expected, she wasn't able to polish her post for today. She said to tell you that she will put the next... Continue Reading →

Why I’m a Human Waver

by Amanda S. Green Before I get started, let me give you a quick update. We've been in negotiations with a certain kilt-wearing raccoon for the release of Kate, but those negotiations aren't going very far. He keeps wanting more pie and a certain evil penguin keeps hijacking the pie truck. Anyway, we are confident... Continue Reading →

Holy Cow

by Chris McMahon Since everyone enjoyed the joke last week - and in honour of St Patrick's Day - here is a classic Irish Joke. Enjoy! I was wandering around town last week, and as often happens, my feet took me down Charlotte St to one of my favourite haunts, Gilhooleys pub. As I relaxed... Continue Reading →

Be on the look out!

A strange looking raccoon wearing a kilt and matching tartan jester hat saunters in and draws back a curtain showing a female writer working feverishly at a laptop, sweat flying off of her in an almost cartoonish fashion. Sitting next to her holding a cattle prod and pistol is an irritated looking editorial demon. It... Continue Reading →

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