The Writer’s Toolbox: creativity engines

by Kate Paulk   This time around I'm going to look at maintaining the metaphorical engines that allow writers to write - and particularly, provide fiction and especially science fiction and fantasy writers, with all the material we could possibly need to spin a tale. That's going to take me into a certain level of... Continue Reading →

The Stories We Tell — Sarah

  I was reading a book about pre-historic Indo-European cultures – actually a book about paleo-linguistics – which described, as an important part of the indo-European culture, the giving of large banquets in which long poems praising the feast-giver were recited and conferred status both upon the reciter and the feast-giver. I suspect though of... Continue Reading →

That Blog Tour

Posted by Rowena When my King Rolen's Kin trilogy came out I wanted to do the right thing and give it the best chance possible, which meant letting people know that it existed. A wise person once said an author's greatest enemy is obscurity. Living in Australia where the trilogy has had limited release meant... Continue Reading →

on Judging and other things

By Dave Freer Ok, apologies in advance. I have an abcess under a tooth, a roaring temperature, a con to prepare for and fair amount of pain.  All Joy. As a little bit of interest I got my royalty check today - due in March, reflecting the complete reporting for books available fro the entire six months July-December.  It... Continue Reading →

To YA or Not to YA

by Amanda S. Green I received an email yesterday from a friend that came at just the right time.  I'd been trying to figure out what to write for today's blog and couldn't make up my mind.  Sure, I could talk about the Borders being granted an extension to October to file its reorganization plan. ... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Workspace

Today's guest post is by the wonderful agent Michael Kabongo of The Onyxhawke Agency. So, Kate has been talking about the writers toolbox, and per usual doing it in a compelling way. I'm going to talk about the writers workshop. I see clear evidence of writers neglecting this part of their writing nearly every week.... Continue Reading →

Collecting Pieces of the Creative Mosaic

by Chris McMahon It struck me the other day how much creative work is like assembling a mosaic. You work on collecting or constructing all the pieces - they might be tiny slices of character, story, setting - and gradually piecing them all together into a whole. Sometimes you have to work to create a... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Toolbox: Behind character

This round I'm going to focus on the things that shape character - environment, culture, language and so forth, in that approximate order. Whether you're talking multi-tentacled aliens or your next door neighbors (and on some occasions, both at once), the way they think will be influenced by the culture they grew up in, which... Continue Reading →

Book Shopping In Portugal

For those who don’t know this, I am in Portugal at the moment, visiting my parents till the middle of June. It’s not quite a return to familiar hunting grounds.  First, I’ve never lived in Portugal as an adult – I went to the States straight out of college.  The rhythms and obligations of a... Continue Reading →

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