Help Yourself

by Amanda S. Green Today's post is not the one I had planned on writing. However, I haven't finished researching the original topic.  Second, this post is one that sort of goes along with Kate's wonderful series on the Writer's Toolbox.  Think of it as the related hardware needed to finish the project. After you've... Continue Reading →

Culture Clashes

I went to a wedding recently where the bride was Polynesian. There was a strong showing from her community, which had organised the wedding, as well as all sorts of islander culture - various traditional dances etc. The whole experience made me realise how different the culture was from our familiar western one. For a... Continue Reading →

Stop, Thief!

A couple of years ago, a male friend who wrote from a female POV got back a letter telling him this was unethical. Not just bad writing, mind – which knowing my friend it wouldn’t be – but wrong on a moral level. He couldn’t write women, because he wasn’t one. This worried me because I’m... Continue Reading →

It’s life but not as we know it

Well, I am clocking in from Continuum 7 -- or the death thereof (finally done after two hundred and panels....). For a small con it was very well done, and nothing major went wrong except for the plague con, which had 3 people drop out which as two of us were still there, and there... Continue Reading →

Borders and Agents and Publishers, Oh My!

Posted by Amanda S. Green There's been a lot of news flying around the publishing world over the last few weeks.  After a short bit of non-Borders news, it's back just like that bad penny.  Publishers doing end runs around agents who suddenly want to be publishers and agent associations considering removing language that limits... Continue Reading →

Saturday Open Floor

Posted by Amanda S. Green Good morning, all.  I fell down on the job -- literally and it hurt! -- this week and forgot to follow up with our guest blogger until it was too late.  So, the floor is yours today.  As us any questions you might have about publishing, our books -- new... Continue Reading →

Blank Pages of the Mind

by Chris McMahon I've been doing a lot of first drafting over the last few months, working away on a new science fiction novel. I don't know about everyone else, but I find first drafting the hardest work of the whole writing cycle. Plots and storylines write themselves by comparison. I find the first draft intimidating, difficult... Continue Reading →

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