>I Hope You’ll Dance

>Into every beginner writer’s life, at some point, a little convention must fall.I confess I’m a very bad person to talk about this because I never attended a convention until after I sold my first book. However, for the record, if I had to do it over again, I would have started attending conventions about...... Continue Reading →

>Warning Whinge Post.

>Time poor writer cries foul.I want more 'me' time.I used to be a stay at home mother of 6 who also volunteered for state and national arts organisations. I set up a national writing competition, a national workshop and I helped on a national award among many other things. During this time, I had around... Continue Reading →

>After the gold-rush…

>By the way, dear readers - we've put up a twitter/facebook access bar. If you think what a contributor writes is worth reading - please use it. This site's success has an effect on the future of all of us (even our want-to-be-writer readers).I've finished my current book, so a rather long post: an exercise... Continue Reading →

>What do you think?

>This week has been one with little writing but a lot of plotting and planning as my son and I attacked the outside sprinkler system, started refinishing the kitchen chairs and I spent the day rearranging furniture yesterday. Which means it's been a productive week in a lot of different ways, not the least of... Continue Reading →

>And the winners are….

>Sorry to be so late with this.For the first paragraph, a couple of general comments, first. Most of you went waaaayyyy beyond one paragraph. Also, a couple of them were very good except for a tendency to ricochet between present and past tenses.Among those who disqualified themselves through length but whom I wish to mention... Continue Reading →

>Me and my (Imaginary) Friends

> It struck me as strange the other day that some of the most successful novels and television series concentrate very strongly on relationships and friendships, yet the typical writer is very introverted - more of a lone wolf type character. So what's happening here?Are writers able to absorb all these things from others despite... Continue Reading →

>Progress, of a sort

>Thursday through Sunday: Well, the last few days someone turned off the valve and slowed the information to a trickle. I'm not sure why - possibly it's the day job ramping up again for the next phase of the Neverending Project (I seem to get a lot of these. I think someone 'likes' me). At... Continue Reading →

>Why Not GIVE All of Me?

>When #1 son was learning to sing, we had the hardest time getting him to “let out his full voice.”This was not helped by the fact that #1 son has a very powerful voice – like my parents who used to sing at local celebrations in a pre-microphone age – and that his... um “very... Continue Reading →

>KRK Giveaway!

>Well the books are here and I've had a chance to catch my breath. Now I'd like to give away two copies of 'The King's Bastard' to two of the loyal Mad Genius Club blog followers.I'm going to ask a question and the answer will be cleverly slipped into my blog, so listen closely Grasshopper.Some... Continue Reading →

>So how do we get there from here?

>Are we there yet? Ok I am feeling fundamentally silly, because after the long, long haul with Save the Dragons et al... finally my dearest beasts arrive here tomorrow. Wednesday and the cats are in Launceston, Roland and Puggle arrive with her tonight, and the lot fly over with the mailplane tomorrow. So today has... Continue Reading →

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