>Father’s Day Open Floor

>Let me start by wishing all the fathers out there a Happy Father's Day. May there be lots of hugs and pampering for you today and not too many ugly ties and shirts you'd never be caught dead in but for the fact your darling daughter or son gave it to you.Now for the blog,... Continue Reading →


>Write an opening paragraph that includes the following:a guillotine,a ray guna pink feather boaat least one stiletto heela gnomeand a fleaThe person who makes it the most engaging and who makes us want to read the story will get a copy of Sarah's book of his choice (including DOITD) and a copy of Dave's book,... Continue Reading →

>How Much is Enough?

> Re-reading some old favourites lately, I have been struck by the differences in the degree of description. One of the books was so spare that little more than a single line was offered to describe new characters on introduction, and then only a repeat of this key image when they appeared at other times... Continue Reading →

>Diary of Character Growth

>Last week I posted about the story seed I'd been infested with. This week's post is kind of a diary of the things that have emerged since then - mostly character, which is usually the first or second thing I 'get', although there are likely to be other bits of world building and assorted strangeness... Continue Reading →

>Sacred Silence

>Years ago, while in a religious retreat – deal with it – they had us pick a sentence out of a box which was supposedly Himself’s gifts to us. This type of thing makes me beyond squirmy, because – well – it seems too touchy-feely for words. And if you’re a believer you believe that... Continue Reading →


>A good bargain of course is where both parties feel they got the best possible deal. If one or other side feels they're being screwed, well, to go back to Adam Smith, it is not in not in the enlightened self-interest of either party. Unfortunately, we dwell in stygian darkness... or so it would seem... Continue Reading →

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