>How Split Personality is a Good Thing

> It's amazing how often you discuss writing with people and come across the same quaint notions of what a writer is. (I'm not even going to touch the popular image where we are all filthy rich layabouts like the guy in Californication with agents who pander to our every whim.)You hear things like:"People say... Continue Reading →

>Attack of the World Building Bunnies

>(Or: A diversion on writing process)So there I am, sleeping peacefully - or as close to it as this narcoleptic gets (kind of a drugged doze, usually) - and I get ambushed. This happens with disturbing frequency.I know you're not supposed to admit you get ideas from dreams, but I do, often. What I don't... Continue Reading →

>When The Music Stops

>(With footnotes, which is how you know Mad Genius Club is CULTURE.)Years ago, when – I thought – I lay dying in a hospital bed at 33, I realized I could no longer afford to play at writing. Instead I had to go into it fully, no holds barred. Because other than the obvious regrets... Continue Reading →

>Doing the Happy Dance!

>This is one of those happy days. You invite the whole family to watch you unpack the books. Then the cat turns up and investigates to see if this box is a good place to sleep.You slave over a book for X years, do the structural edits, line edits, copy edits and finally ... drum... Continue Reading →

>The best and worst of times.

>The best of times, the worst of times... There have been some fairly gloomy posts lately which may lead some of you to conclude we're a sour, miserable bunch of old bastiches. Heh. There are times when that is true for everyone, and real life intrudes onto the lives of authors too, believe it or... Continue Reading →

>It Started With the Cat. . . .

>Good morning, kind readers. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the following paragraph and add to it. One paragraph per comment. The rules are simple. Keep it appropriate for all ages. No politics, religion or other controversial topics unless they are central to the plot. Your paragraph must relate to... Continue Reading →

>Hello And Thanks For The Fish

> With all the recent discussion about how grim things are in the publishing world and the uncertainty in the market with developing electronic formats, I thought it might be nice to say thanks.Even though things are challenging, and governments do spend lots on vast sport stadiums, there are people in government at various levels... Continue Reading →

>The future present

>Sarah's comment about ebooks being introduced as a concept before the technology was really ready reminded me of something from my info tech degree, Lo! these many years ago (right around 2000, actually).Disintermediation.Okay, that's a mouthful, and one of the uglier words ever coined. But what it means is providing a service that eliminates as... Continue Reading →


>I know a little more about revolutions than normal people. My teen years were a festival of revolution and counter-revolution. To this day, I can’t hear the theme song to Green Acres without feeling unsettled and wondering who is in charge now. Green Acres? You say. Yes, indeed. You see, when the new revolution du... Continue Reading →

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