Dear Parents of Readers

Today I'm sharing the introductory letter I wrote for the anthology my publishing house put out this month. Eleven stories, selected by Misha Burnett, the editor, and with all of them he was looking for one thing: family. Sanderley Studios is pleased to present: Adventure Stories for Young Readers. Out now in ebook, paperback coming... Continue Reading →

The Future of Books

As I sit here, I am surrounded by books. At the periphery of my vision, on either side of my desk, there are tall bookshelves filled with volumes. Somewhere in the dark behind me (I'm writing very early and my office/bedroom is being used for both purposes) there is a stack of books on my... Continue Reading →

Three Panels, One Woman

So I was on three panels at LibertyCon... Wait, you're saying, you did your AAR yesterday? Yes, I did. But the beauty of having two posts to do this in is that I can now talk about the nitty-gritty of writerly stuff that wasn't the overall con. This is more about interactions with fellow panelist... Continue Reading →

The Grim and The Bright

(Thanks for rescuing me. They were threatening to make me write romance novels as a form of punishment until I showed them one of my pen names and the Harlequin-esque novel. They hurriedly gave in to your demands and now I'm free.) Part of the issue today with aspects of science fiction is that some... Continue Reading →

Good Books for Young Readers

I had a question posed over on my blog yesterday, and I thought that I'd ask for help here (and on social media) in answering it. Here's the question: Thanks mainly to Sarah’s blog introducing me to writers like you, I’m on top of SF for my g’daughters, ages 11 and 12, but are you... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Fanfiction Readers

So I see my teen daughters reading, a lot, on their phones. Turns out the stories that keep them riveted are fan fictions. One is sixteen, and her nom-de-blog is Otaku Princess, and the fourteen-year-old is my Junior Mad Scientist. Me: So what site are you guys usually reading on? OP: normally JMS: sometimes... Continue Reading →

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