And another one bites the dust

Figuratively speaking at least. It seems the "right thinking" folks on social media have targeted yet another YA author. Kosoko Jackson has chosen to withdraw his novel after facing "backlash for centering a story about the Kosovo War around two non-Muslim Americans." Some early reviews heralded the book for telling a YA love story about... Continue Reading →

The Grim and The Bright

(Thanks for rescuing me. They were threatening to make me write romance novels as a form of punishment until I showed them one of my pen names and the Harlequin-esque novel. They hurriedly gave in to your demands and now I'm free.) Part of the issue today with aspects of science fiction is that some... Continue Reading →

Changeling’s Island

Well, first the bad news. It’s Monday and you’re stuck with me. I will forgo the obligatory Mwhahahaa. Oh, what the the heck. MWHAHAHAAA! Now the good news, it will probably be Tuesday one day relatively soon (and that is one day closer to Friday). On other news, for those of you who delighted in... Continue Reading →

Iggy and the Beach

As most of you live in the Northern hemisphere, and cold winter is on you, I thought I'd fill you all with a happy vision of Southern hemisphere beach holidays to make you feel better about the amount of fuel your furnace takes: Iggy's Beach Holiday Eyes pinched tight against the sandblast that was stripping... Continue Reading →


When I was little -- not last week, oh foolish one, but probably about 4 years old, so somewhat littler than now, I remember clearly meeting a giant. He was my cousin David, and while adults like my parents were huge, he was clearly not human, but one of the giant people, left over from... Continue Reading →

To YA or Not to YA

by Amanda S. Green I received an email yesterday from a friend that came at just the right time.  I'd been trying to figure out what to write for today's blog and couldn't make up my mind.  Sure, I could talk about the Borders being granted an extension to October to file its reorganization plan. ... Continue Reading →

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