Small Worlds

Writer's block isn't real. Well, then, what do I have here? I have a very small world, is what. My world right now is job, home, wrangle with teen (he's been 16 for a month, and the surly switch flipped), talk to my husband on the phone, and... and big old mental blank. My world... Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Writing Block

I enjoy reading Kristine Kathryn Rusch's business blog posts, when I have the chance. They aren't always pertinent to me, and are often quite lengthy, but worth following. The quieter half of that partnership, Dean Wesley Smith, is more focused on other things, it seems, but when I see a new post from him I... Continue Reading →

The Uncertainty Of Creation

You should know, before you start reading the words that come after this, that before I started writing them I sat here staring at the blinking cursor on the pristine screen for far too long. I often approach Mad Genius like this. ‘Who am I,’ I ask myself silently, ‘to offer any advice whatsoever on... Continue Reading →

Other Projects

I’m pretty solidly blocked on Scrap Star, right now. Not entirely sure why, and haven’t taken the time to work through it. I’m absolutely certain it has nothing at all to do with my poor sleep habits, lousy diet, and nonexistent exercise regimen. I figure it’s because of holidays, and travel, and children. So I’m... Continue Reading →

Greasing Mental Gears

I hope everybody has survived the Annual Feast of Gratitude followed by the Annual Frenzy of Materialism. I managed to find several virtual opportunities to replace or upgrade items, which was nice. I also ate too much. There was pie. Most of it happened for breakfast the following morning. I also stumbled into one of... Continue Reading →

The Price of Freedom

It's happened before, of course. Three-quarters of the way into a book, it suddenly appears to me as a huge, lifeless pile of words. The ending is not credible. The characters won't talk to me. I should probably give up even trying to write. The difference is, in earlier times there were constraints that forced... Continue Reading →

Push-Button Start

I'm back. I didn't mean to take two weeks off from blogging, but that's what it ended up being. It's not that I haven't written anything in two weeks, just that what I have written was for a class. I feel like I am coming up from deep water at the moment. I came home... Continue Reading →

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