Writer Be Aware

Just a quick post this morning because I'll be leaving shortly to take Mom for another procedure on her back. In other words, my brain is elsewhere and has been, so I've gone trolling through various sites relating to writing and the various groups I belong to and have come up with a few things... Continue Reading →

Get Out Before It’s Too Late

Actually it’s never too late to cut out these associations, but the sooner you recognize them and do so, the less risk you run of getting hurt. Some of them can be damaging to your health, most of them to your career, and all of the ones I list will waste your time. What? Oh,... Continue Reading →

Links of Interest

Today finds my head firmly wrapped around things none-writing related. For four years, my son has lived in the Corps of Cadets dorms at Texas A&M University. The Corps has been an integral part of his college life and is now, at least officially, over because -- despite the fact so many degree plans at... Continue Reading →

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