Dem Trollin’ Bones

I guess it's sort of a good thing that we can't talk about certain topics (like Amazon, or the way people are individuals but in general there are differences between male humans and female humans) without having a troll or two drop by, often with a brand new user handle and an IP address that... Continue Reading →

The Gloves are Off

by Amanda S. Green Over the last couple of years, I've warned authors to be careful what they write on their blogs, post on Facebook and send out on Twitter. After all, the internet reaches far and wide and that means you can never be sure who will see it. I told the story of... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a butthead!

Amanda S. Green Sigh. It seems like this time every year or so writers lose their minds. Not all of us. But those who do, do it very loudly and without caring who they tick off. They go off on facebook and twitter and in their blogs about things we were taught as kids not... Continue Reading →

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