The Black Dog in the Night

When I got up this morning to write, I tripped over the dog. This is a common occurrence at our house. She likes to be near us, we like to sleep in the dark, and, well, she’s blacker than the shadows. Which is actually how I avoid her most of the time, she’s a sixty-pound... Continue Reading →

Not About Hugos

Not About Hugos Not really, at least. Not mostly? Anyway, watching what seems like half the world lose their ever-loving minds over what is essentially an episode of epic-level trolling (albeit with a point) has been a delight. I'm certain we'll be entertained (subjected to?) more of the same between now and LonCon in August.... Continue Reading →

Madness, Stress, and the Writer

It's something of a truism that if writers aren't crazy when they enter the field, they will be before long. There are any number of reasons for this, but probably the biggest is that a huge chunk of the fiction writer's art consists of imaging people that never existed, places that never existed, and events... Continue Reading →

All Work All the Time

This is - as many of us can attest - the recession, and possible depression, of the overworked. Everyone who has a relatively secure income is working their backsides off because in most places you're doing well to be doing what used to be done by two people. Doing the work of 3, 4 or... Continue Reading →

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