I was contemplating what to write about this morning, and thinking that I haven't been writing enough, the last few weeks. I've been shoving stuff off the counter of my mind, like a cat: this brings me no joy. It is chaos. I shall eliminate it from my sight... paw. Tinkle, tinkle, crash... Only with... Continue Reading →

Pretend Story

Wee Dave and Wee-er Dave love stories. I’ve found the Junior Partner sitting quietly by herself “reading” a book any number of times in the last several weeks, her Number One Buddy is constantly making up backgrounds for the creations he build. And I can hold them both rapt for easily an hour just by... Continue Reading →

In The Morning

Traditionally storytelling is an evening pasttime. Work all day, and at night, rest, and tell stories. In the morning, get up and do it again. What difference do stories make? Stories don't make any difference at all, of course. But they give the reader a way to step away from their workaday world, and to... Continue Reading →

Tale as Old as Time

It’s been a week. Mostly, I’ve been head-down in classes. This is mixed, as I am learning things, but it also means I’m not keeping up with my writing, or reading, or… anything. So I was sort of aware that there was some kerfluffle over Gaiman’s tweet that Clarion was the thing to do if... Continue Reading →

The Storytelling Ape

Regular readers have probably seen several posts on the topic of humanity as storytelling animals - stories are so much a part of human life that there's no way to escape them. For my money, this is the distinction between clever ape and human. A clever ape can learn, but a human wraps stories around... Continue Reading →

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