Big Changes in the Indie World

I don't have a lot of time right now, but news just hit this morning about something that could be a major OMG in the world of indie publishing. Draft2Digital announced it is acquiring Smashwords. I will admit this announcement took me by surprise. Like so many authors, I've seen the two as rivals. I've... Continue Reading →

What to do?

I'll admit it. I've sort of at a loss for what to write about today. It's not that I'm having trouble finding topics. It's that my must has been anything but kind of late. After spending months trying to finish Nocturnal Challenge, I've discovered two things. First, the basic outline I had for the novel... Continue Reading →

New project and new programs.

It would be so easy to do another Hugogate post this morning but I won't. However, here is fair warning to all those out there trying to do their best to paint some people I respect a great deal with the brush of evil: Stop. You really don't want to keep going after Larry Corriea... Continue Reading →

The Road to Indie

It would be so easy to do anther post about Hugos this morning. In fact, I considered it, especially after seeing how one of the editors posted a diatribe of sorts on the Tor site. However, since I know Kate is fisking the situation Thursday and because Dave did such a great job looking at... Continue Reading →

Some nuts and bolts

Before you guys worry that some pod has taken over and I no longer have any thoughts about what's going on in the publishing world, fear not. The pods came and tried but my black thumb killed them before they could take hold (I never could grow any sort of plant that required any sort... Continue Reading →

Of good decisions and bad

With summer fast approaching, con season is getting into full-swing and people's minds turn to vacation. Looking at some of the news coming out about the publishing industry, it is clear that some folks had their brains go on vacation earlier that usual. At least that's the way it seemed yesterday when I was trolling... Continue Reading →

Quack, quack, quack

by Amanda S. Green No, that's not me fondly imagining going to the duck pond and a warm Spring afternoon. That's fun and brings back wonderful memories of when my son was little and we'd head out to the park to feed the ducks. No, the quack, quack, quack is the sound I hear in... Continue Reading →

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