Writer Be Aware

Just a quick post this morning because I'll be leaving shortly to take Mom for another procedure on her back. In other words, my brain is elsewhere and has been, so I've gone trolling through various sites relating to writing and the various groups I belong to and have come up with a few things... Continue Reading →

What to do? What to do?

The other day, I was talking with a writer who was over the moon but trying to think like a businessman. Well, businesswoman. She'd finished a book six months or so ago and had been shopping it around. After deciding against going with an agent, she did her homework and found publishers in her genre... Continue Reading →

Writer Beware

When I began reading Dave's post yesterday, I smiled and nodded. I'm up to my eyeballs in the final edits for Nocturnal Revelations. My brain is focused on not only the edits but what needs to be done to promote the book between now and release date. So figuring out what to write for MGC... Continue Reading →

Entitlement, oh entitlement

What is it about the past month or six? We've had front row seats to the foolishness that is SFWA -- more than once. We're standing in line waiting to buy popcorn before Vox finally schools SFWA on the foolishness of their ways. This week we've seen a publisher cancel a contract that had already... Continue Reading →

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