On Publishing, Amazon and More

Bear with me this morning, folks. I'm pretty much scattergunning this post. This is one of those mornings where my brain is going in a million different directions and I'm trying to pull it back so I can get a few things done before I have to head out of the house. Among the things... Continue Reading →

Publishing series

Long series, foreshadowing and all those pesky details . . . The subject came up, I think on facebook, about whether an Indie writer/publisher should publish each book as it was finished, or wait until the whole series was done, Then publish them on a fairly close schedule. And I’m like . . . finished?... Continue Reading →


and at the chime, the time is... one thirty seven am. Yeah, I know, I've gone right past the witching hour. I'm not sure what you call this time of night, day, really, since I haven't gotten to sleep yet. I was at work late tonight, and last night, and because I'm a loon, I... Continue Reading →

Are You The Gatekeeper?

This post was originally published in August 2015. The observations are still valid even if some of the players have changed. Back then, we were told the gatekeepers were publishers and agents and we, as writers, hadn't made it until we managed to pass through their oh-so-hallowed halls. Today, the self-proclaimed gatekeepers are those of... Continue Reading →

Publishing Has a Problem. Who Knew?

This must be the week of WTF? sort of stories concerning tradiitional publishing. Yesterday, I blogged about how the Association of American Publishers (AAP) was soooo looking forward to "collaborating" with the new Administration to help bring us all to "enlightened understanding". Then as I sat down to write this post, I find this at... Continue Reading →

Check Your Data

I was all prepared to do a fun, cutesy (okay, quit laughing. I know I don't do cutesy. It isn't in my nature) post. Then I ran across something on The Passive Voice that caught my eye. So I clicked through and, even at this early hour, felt my blood pressure rising. The piece basically... Continue Reading →

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