Who can read your book?

This isn't the post I'd planned. Okay, I'll be honest. I didn't have a post planned. The last week has been a whirlwind of dealing with issues with Victory from Ashes' release (including firing a proofreader who has been reliable in the past) to family commitments to other real life things. The high point, aside... Continue Reading →

Publishing Problems 2020

As I sit here, trying to decide what to blog about, I turn to the internet. I know, I know. That's like saying I'm going swimming with the sharks with a bucket of chum being thrown into the water first. Still, someone has to do it. And, it didn't take long to find more than... Continue Reading →

Rookie Writer, Seeking Publisher

There’s something about admitting in public that you’re a writer. People are either weirded out by it, or fascinated. I’ve made some interesting connections over the years talking about being an Indie Publisher, and I always try to help when asked honest questions. Years ago when I was newly fledged and all my feathers were... Continue Reading →

To Thine Own Self Be True

In light of yesterday's post by Jason about the whole WorldCon thing, and conversations I've had with friends recently, in addition to learning more about the history of Fandom: Breendoggle, the rampant child molestation at cons, Kramer of DragonCon... I have not seen the seedy underbelly of the big, old cons myself. My con experiences... Continue Reading →


There's a whole lot of mis- being thrown around the internet these days. Seems like men can't make a move without being accused of being a misogynist, which leads to the accusers being accused of misandry... and then Mike Hoover made this word up, and I am running with it. Mislectorist: being an author who... Continue Reading →

Sarah sends her apologies

Morning, everyone. Sarah asked me to put up a quick note to apologize for not having a chapter today. It seems the con crud she's been fighting since LibertyCon has finally hit and is laying her low. She will be back for her regular post on Wednesday and a chapter next week. In the meantime,... Continue Reading →

Amazon is a Business

Forgive me if I seem a bit impatient. The stupid has been strong this week, and although normally I’m the quiet, nice one, I’m a bit exasperated by now. (but less so, now. Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the instalanche. Welcome to any new readers! I'm not Sarah, but sometimes we seem to share... Continue Reading →

It’s April and where are the fools?

No, this isn't an April's Fools Day post although I had to read he basis for it twice before realizing that the person was being absolutely serious. It was yet another post bemoaning and bewailing all the "harm" Amazon has done to booksellers. This particular person is partner in an online bookstore that was begun... Continue Reading →

Unto dust

Ah. Just when you think it can get no more silly, we have an entry from someone who has me thinking that perhaps reincarnation is real. I don’t know if it is the actual ghost of P.T. Barnum, but there certainly seems to be a belief that one born every minute, and they’re not very... Continue Reading →

Before my head explodes

There are some days when I wonder how my head keeps from exploding because of the sheer idiocy that seems to be pervading so much of publishing. It's not enough that we have publishers trying to kill mass market paperbacks because they make more money per sale for a hard cover book. Nor is it... Continue Reading →

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