Setting Priorities

No, I'm not talking about the dreaded New Year's resolutions. I'm not too ashamed to admit I suck at them. What I am talking about it setting priorities to help me reach my writing goals for the year. This means not only putting butt in chair but finding better technology to help and figuring out... Continue Reading →

Fifth Friday Promo

Well, here it is. The fifth Friday of the month and it comes right before Halloween. So what's better than a trick-or-treat promotions post? Pull up a chair, top off your favorite beverage and let's go. Here are some of the most recent titles put up by our MGC bloggers in no particular order. Tales... Continue Reading →

Who’s talking about me?

Remember when you were in primary school, stuck with all these other people you weren't terribly fond of due to being the same age, and rumours started flying? Remember the interesting hoops people jumped through in order to learn what other people were saying about them behind their back? Yeah, remember this time, before your... Continue Reading →

But will they remember me?

In the age of the internet, where everything is fed at us in overwhelming amounts, there's a common tendency to treat checking social media like fidgeting - a nervous habit done most of the waking hours without conscious participation, driven by an underlying fear of missing out. And in the world of authors talking about... Continue Reading →

Fifth Friday Promo

Good morning, everyone! As we head into the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with a few suggestions for new reading material. I've either read the books listed below (or, in once case, wrote the book) or I know the author's other works and can recommend the book based on their past performance. So here... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts on release day

Today's the day I've been looking forward to--and dreading--for a year or more.The e-book version of Nocturnal Revelations is now available (the print version will be available in two weeks.) I've known the current story arc of the Nocturnal Lives series was drawing to an end. In some ways, I've been working toward this point... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye is hard to do

No, I'm not leaving MGC. But I am saying goodbye, at least for awhile, to a set of characters that have been with me for a decade. When I sat down to write the book, I knew it would be difficult. I love these characters but the story has run its course. The series is... Continue Reading →

Come One, Come All

Hear ye, hear ye, readers of the Mad Ones. It is the 5th Friday of the month. That means Promotion Day is here. We're all in the middle of various projects, work, family, etc. So here's your chance to tell us what you're reading or to promote one--ONE--of your own books. The only rules are... Continue Reading →

Get real

I woke up this morning not having clue one about today's post. I've been neck deep in rewrites as well as doing an editorial job for a new author who is totally AWESOME. Add in my own work hijacking me yesterday and the day before into a different project and, well, MGC fell down the... Continue Reading →

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