The stories we shouldn’t be telling

I don’t really know how much of a “trend” this is, but in my casual, work-avoiding browsing of current events I sure have seen a lot of stories about “trans” women, i.e. men who have decided to call themselves women, running away with the prizes in women's sporting events. Apparently the Doctrine of Infinite Sexual... Continue Reading →

Stir the Pot

I don't like to stir the pot. Primarily because I've discovered that the best slow cooker involves a pressure cooker and only 20 minutes! But today I'm definitely stirring the pot with a big ol' wooden spoon (we ran out of wooden assterisks, sorry) because Worldcon just went and jumped the shark. If you're a... Continue Reading →

The Gloves are Off

by Amanda S. Green Over the last couple of years, I've warned authors to be careful what they write on their blogs, post on Facebook and send out on Twitter. After all, the internet reaches far and wide and that means you can never be sure who will see it. I told the story of... Continue Reading →

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