I Was Warned

I WAS WARNED A lot of writers have expressed concern about Amazon’s effective monopoly, and I’ve been trying not to think about it, because I use Amazon so much and it would be extremely uncomfortable to walk away from it. Not only is it the platform for my indie books; I’ve been using KU as... Continue Reading →

Have we reached peak virtue signalling yet?

  A couple of days ago Sarah mentioned in passing that she thought she was seeing a welcome shift in popular fiction: “I think the mood is changing.  Only six months ago, I swear every cozy mystery released genuflected towards the homeless, who were always laid off computer programmers, or something.  Now… not so much.”... Continue Reading →

Diversity in Fiction

We hear a lot about the need for diversity in fiction these days, which sort of makes me cock my head to one side, make puppy eyes, and ask 'baroo?' You see, I grew up reading diverse fiction. Fiction about all sorts of people, and places, and it made my imagination go wild enough that... Continue Reading →

The Good in Scary Stories

This is a guest post written for me by the lovely Amanda Fuesting. I'm at the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville this weekend, but I'll try to look in at the comments. Maybe. It's going to be busy (fingers crossed). We'd been talking about the book series she discusses in depth here, and I asked her... Continue Reading →

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