Questions, questions

If rising carbon dioxide levels doom the planet to destruction, and fighting “climate change” is the moral equivalent of war, why isn’t anybody talking about nuking China? When did Marseilles become Marseille, and what did they do with the s? Can anybody tell me how to fiddle a browser so that a blog that normally... Continue Reading →

Lights Out

I'm sitting here typing early on a Saturday morning, and by early I mean Oh-dark-thirty. I'd intended to write this yesterday, and in fact was sitting here staring at the blank screen trying to dredge up the brilliant idea I'd come up with in the middle of the day while I was at work (why... Continue Reading →

Impaler paper copy squee!

Kate Paulk After lo! these many moons (and months, too, and why are you looking in my window anyway? Anyone would think you wanted to get mooned), divers misunderstandings (and diverse ones too), and processing times, I am finally in possession of the author Grail: an actual, physical copy of my first novel. After I'd... Continue Reading →

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