Story from the Start: Getting to the Peak

So, we are drawing close to the final confrontation between the forces of Good and Evil, or perhaps in this case, less bad and really evil. We have our nomadic-for-the-moment horse herders, our sophisticated-at-a-price urban dwellers, and a system built on something that the horsemen (and one hopes the readers) consider to be beyond the... Continue Reading →

Table Top Pulp, Pt. the Second

Clan Dave got the heck out of dodge before the sky fell, this past weekend. We’d decided to make a family pilgrimage of sorts, to attend LTUE and visit a number of family of choice in the general area (and along the path of travel). Well, we left just before the western side of Washington... Continue Reading →

Non-Traditional Ending

So there was a question posed on social media a while back. It was framed in a highly insulting manner, and I commented on it with a snarky tone, which I probably shouldn’t have, but it didn’t matter because she deleted my comment... along with those of people who were trying to be helpful, but... Continue Reading →

Trendy Trendsetters, All

There are trends, and then there are trends. Look at it this way: you could be trendy and buy jeans with fake dirt on them, for $425. Frankly, I raised an eyebrow when I first saw this go viral, because it's an interesting psychological study. We are, culturally, fetishizing the working man. Think about it.... Continue Reading →


I recently finished a book. It was a feeling of great relief, since I had begun to wonder if I would ever finish it. I'm still a relatively new writer, and I was slowly convincing myself that the other books had been a fluke. I couldn't do this, I wasn't a real writer... It took... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Up Infodumps

  I was at a job fair this last week. It was sort of a waste of my time, but not really. By that I mean there were maybe six prospective employers I matched with, out of some two hundred. But I did have some lovely conversations with people, including the Army Corps of Engineers... Continue Reading →

Making it Fly

Everyone here has read something that just plods along and doesn’t seem to go anywhere or do anything. The ‘fortunate’ among us have read pieces that should be exciting – they should be riveting, edge-of-the-seat reading – but they’re not. They trudge. I’ve certainly gone “What?” when I see these – they’re plentiful in fanfiction,... Continue Reading →

Pacing workshop and opening paragraphs

Good morning, everyone. This morning we were supposed to being the pacing workshop. Unfortunately, the flu bug has taken up residence in the Hoyt household and Sarah is down sick. She asked me to let everyone know that she will start the workshop next Sunday. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have homework for you.... Continue Reading →

A reminder, a request and a contest

Good morning. It's Saturday at the asylum, er, working offices of the Mad genius Club. We're all busily working on our next books -- butts in chair, fingers on keyboards and lots of coffee and chocolate at hand. So, let's get down to business this morning. First the reminder: tomorrow starts the workshop on pacing... Continue Reading →

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