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Comfort books

There are times when I don’t really want something new to read, times when I feel so beaten down that all I really want is to pass my eyes over a book I love so much I’ve all but memorized it already. The last couple of weeks have been like that, as what I thought was just a summer cold got nastier and lasted longer and left me too wiped out to write.

Most of the time I’ve even been too tired and shaky to make my way from the bedroom to the “library” at the other end of the house, where fiction and non-reference memoirs and humor live. In between actually reading, I’ve been visualizing those shelves and thinking about what I want to grab next time I venture all that distance. And thinking about what constitutes a “comfort book” for me.   Read more


The boy-child is at vacation Bible school mornings this week. This is good, as I was starting to look for itinerant entertainers interested in taking on apprentices. It’s good to start them early on such things, right? Anyway, the life of a temporarily single parent is no joke, and the real single parents out there have my utmost respect. This $&%# is hard.

Case in point: the younger one is rotting her brain (yeah, I’m not really happy about it, either) while I type this. There’s simply no other way – right now – for me to get anything done without it taking two or three times as long, and exhausting me completely. And even then, it’d probably get dropped for something more urgent.
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All Is Well!!

I woke up this morning to see that the beautiful, wealthy people at the top of the American publishing scene are telling me publishing is doing well! Whew. That’s a load off. And here, I can’t actually remember the last time I purchased a hardcopy genre novel. I suspect it was before Wee Dave was born, for a couple of reasons. First, disposable income. Second, I don’t remember a whole lot of the last four years.

Ok, the truly entertaining part of John Sargent’s (CEO of Macmillan) comments wasn’t thanking President Trump for trying to block the publication of Michael Wolff’s magnificent work of fiction Fire & Fury. (I still think the POTUS’ mobilization of the DOJ – aside from being apparently juvenile – was mostly trolling his political and cultural opponents.) Oh, no. That’s what followed, where he pulled off his gleaming helmet, wiped his noble brow, and assured us he believes “free speech … is the greatest value” in publishing. Such a paladin. I’m so glad powerful businessmen are there to defend our rights. I just wish they’d do it consistently, since that’s what they claim to be for.
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Tuesdays Are Mine!!1

Mine! *thunder cracks* MuahahAhAHAhahAHA!!!


Thank you. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me give you a brief rundown on some of the changes around the ol’ MGC. I’m moving from the fourth Friday of the month to every Tuesday afternoon. That’s right: more Dave. (I’ll pray for you, you poor, lost souls.)

To that end, I’m going to be starting a couple of regular series. First off, Noob Notes. Since afternoon posts are often shorter, punchier, and full of great pith, I’m going to reach out and grab an aspect of the writing process and wring the juice out of it, then serve it up with my characteristic verve- Read more

Unwelcome visitor

Recently my old acquaintance Tenebra came to visit. I came across her sitting by the fish pond.

“How come you always show up when I’m three-quarters done with a first draft?”

“It’s the perfect time to visit you,” she said. “If you listen to me, not only will you stop writing this book, but you’ll have wasted the time you already put in on research, plotting and writing.”

“That doesn’t make me more inclined to listen to you.”

“No? Then why are you sitting by this pool, chatting, instead of going indoors and writing?”

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The Calm at the Eye

First up, a little state of the writist. Mrs. Dave, Wee Dave, and Wee-er Than Wee Dave Dave, and I are in the midst of a cross-continental PCS (permanent change of station) move to an undisclosed location on the left coast. It’s actually going to be in spitting distance of where I grew up, which should be interesting. I’ll be able to do locational research for more of the Edge of Faith books, which should help. Also attend my twentieth high school reunion this year. Which, again, could prove interesting.

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Mistakes Are Easy

Mistakes are really easy. It’s getting it right that’s difficult.

At the moment I’m thinking that the chapter and a half of book 2 of the new piece is going to need to be rewritten and slowed down massively. Why? Well, so far, my main character has been ambushed, escaped through sewers/drains, emerged in a bath house soaking wet, got caught in a panicked crowd when the enemy oopsed and set the bath house on fire (most places are built of wood), damn near been trampled in said crowd, damn near got crushed in said crowd because for reasons I don’t know yet the authorities had the city gates closed, escaped over roof tops, climbed city walls while fire spread through city (cold, dry, windy day), almost got caught, slid/fell down the other side, sprained or broke one ankle (not sure which) fell into damn cold river, got carried downstream a ways and may have passed out briefly.

Yes, that leaves me breathless as well, and there’s no way I can keep that pace up for a 50k word book. It’s too much. Hell, some authors (better ones than me) could have the 50k book just on what I’ve got so far.

Then there’s the domestic mistakes, like not getting someone in to look at and possibly fix the gas heater in the study. The rest of the house is fine despite temperatures way too low for this tropical brat (although we’re going through heating oil at a rate that makes both of us cringe), but the study, being an add-on without the benefit of 24-inch thick walls to help insulate, gets very little benefit from that – which is why it has the gas heater. I’m seriously wondering if we should have used the teeny second bedroom as a study instead, but the idea of hauling furniture up the stairs doesn’t appeal, funnily enough.

Oh, and it looks like the powder room pipes have frozen. The rest of the house, fine, but no water coming through those pipes. Yes, the powder room is in the add-on.

I have mentioned I’m a tropical brat and cold really isn’t my thing, right? Yes? Good. After 7 years in PA I’m getting better at it, but I still don’t like it, and the teens (Fahrenheit) are a bit bloody much. All you Canadians can start laughing now, but when you grow up somewhere that’s never once had snow, it’s traumatic. Yes I’m complaining. I can’t think to write when I’m trying to thaw out, so those who want to see more of my writing had better hope I get things sorted.