To Swag or not to Swag?

Oops, threads got crossed! Sorry 'bout that. If you go to an event, should you bring author swag? If so, what should you bring? This year, the questions are a bit moot, since Cons and signings are being cancelled and postponed all over the place, and virtual swag . . . I guess you could... Continue Reading →

What is . . . .

Last night, I was talking with Kate and some of our regular MGC readers about what I should write about today. We discussed several different possibilities but we kept coming back to a single topic and I signed off the internet, satisfied that I had my topic for this post. I finished editing the chapter... Continue Reading →

blurbs and descriptions

"Hello, I'm Dave... and yes, I, I... have a reading problem..." "Go on Dave, you're among friends here. We've all been there." "Well, I don't think I want to quit. But... but I need help." "Oh, none of us do, when you're deep in a great book. But the bastards put that Amazon link at... Continue Reading →

Sarah sends her apologies

Morning, everyone. Sarah asked me to put up a quick note to apologize for not having a chapter today. It seems the con crud she's been fighting since LibertyCon has finally hit and is laying her low. She will be back for her regular post on Wednesday and a chapter next week. In the meantime,... Continue Reading →

Ignorance, Expertise, and Asses

Every so often someone who has deep expertise in one field (say, an artist or photographer) will make a complete ass of him or herself (or itself, let's not be binary-genderist here) pontificating or offering advice in another field where they don't have any expertise. Sometimes the field is related, sometimes not. Say... book covers.... Continue Reading →

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