If it’s Tuesday . . .

I've been trying to come up with something for today's blog for, well, the last couple of days. Every time I've sat down to write the post, I've wound up distracted. Part of it is I'm in the middle of the final edits for Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3). I'm really excited... Continue Reading →

An idle soul shall suffer hunger

It's been said that volume, volume, volume is the key to success in publishing - both number of books and numbers of a book. The latter has been the publishing industry's touchstone. If you're a darling they put a lot copies on a lot retail shelves (a bit of bribery and arm-twisting goes on -... Continue Reading →

To dream or to do

Last night I was talking with Sarah via IM and asking what I ought to blog about today. Normally finding a something to blog about isn't a problem. The problem is usually finding one that isn't such a hot button topic that we'd be invaded by trolls and an epic flame war would erupt. But... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on contracts

Over the last week or so, there's been a lot of discussion over contract terms: what's fair or not fair for the author and publisher. I'm not going to rehash what has been said, at least not right now. For one thing, I'm not looking to start a flame war. For another, well, I have... Continue Reading →

Some nuts and bolts

Before you guys worry that some pod has taken over and I no longer have any thoughts about what's going on in the publishing world, fear not. The pods came and tried but my black thumb killed them before they could take hold (I never could grow any sort of plant that required any sort... Continue Reading →

Contractual Issues

Contractual Issues This wasn't what I was going to blog about this week, but something came up that deserves a bit of air-time. The history is that a few weeks back I got an email inviting me to contribute to an anthology in a fairly well-known author's universe. The sample contract for the anthology stank... Continue Reading →

Who has the power?

by Amanda S. Green There's been a lot of talk recently about what sort of control authors have over their work.  Never would I have expected the maelstrom of dissenting opinions and downright rudeness I've seen on some of the boards as a result.  It seems that almost everyone has been determined to dig their... Continue Reading →

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